Sia Pharma is not just a team of pharma experts that are involved in the development of pharmaceuticals but we are an association of innovative craving minds that work 24×7 towards making this field more successful and trust worthy. Our business care involves continuous monitoring and improvement of our performance indicators to ensure brilliance of end product.

With the objective to provide always safe product, Quality Control department works consistently with accurate analytical methods. The laboratory is well equipped with modern & sophisticated instruments like HPLC, UV & dissolution apparatus for bioequivalence studies. The laboratory conducts Stability Studies as per current ICH guidelines.

We are home to large manufacturing units that have been approved and certified by leading regulatory bodies. Our technologically advanced facilities adhere to a large and diverse pharma product portfolio that includes manufacturing of tablets, capsules and other semi-solid preparations for cure of cardiovascular, respiratory, arthritic, bacterial, diabetic, pyretic, gastronomical, psychotic diseases as well as vitamin deficiencies.

Our specialization also lies in our widespread global marketing network, which is a result of our collaboration with industry’s best pharma marketing experts. They work with a customer focused approach to facilitate relationship oriented marketing. Thus, speed and effectiveness remains an integral part of our marketing system.